Friday, July 6, 2012

Beautiful After All?

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
... I'm so not beautiful after all...

I hate looking at my reflection. I really don't like what I see. I was told to look in my mirror today, and tell the image I saw there, that she was beautiful.
"Just take 10 minutes each day and stare at yourself." My friend Liz said, then she sipped her cappuccino. She had been taking an on-line counselling class, and now she was the expert on 'fixing' me and my low self image. She must have seen me flinch in disgust.
"No, really Polly... You can do it," she reached out and held my arm, "Please, just try it?"

I couldn't do it. I tried. I couldn't look the reflected image in the eyes. I couldn't make eye contact with myself. How stupid is that!
Why can't I look at me? Why is it so uncomfortable?
My husband doesn't look at me any more either. I must be ugly. Reality is... I just don't matter.

I am so not beautiful.

So, I avoid you mirror. I hate you. Because you reveal an imperfect me.

Ugly Polly

Polly, Polly please don't fall...
I know you are beautiful after all...

I see the truth, when you stand before me. You are looking through a foggy mindset Polly. 
A clear mind is what you must find. All you need to do is come out of hiding, take the mask off, open your heart, and heal. Please know that you have someone who loves you and thinks you're beautiful every day. You are not random. You were wonderfully made, for a great purpose. It's time for you to wake up and see that.

Your Mirror

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