Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Saw My Eyes

Mirror mirror on the wall...
I saw my eyes for the first time in a long time.
They were...
... they were actually beautiful...

 I stood there for 20 minutes in front of you. Avoiding you, like I avoid most things in life, yet  I made a promise to myself to at least try to look at my face. When I finally did... I was surprised... I liked my eyes.
They were mostly green, a forest green, with speckled hues of gold.
Although they were sad from years of neglect, they were warm, not cold. I actually felt a little joy at the thought of me liking my eyes. It gave me hope that I might feel the same way about the rest of me one day.
When I first met my husband he said it was my eyes that he noticed first. He used to stare into my eyes with such intensity. I miss that. I miss him looking at me with love. I miss feeling loved.
He avoids eye contact with me now. What happened? Will he ever love me again mirror?

Will I? Will I ever love all of me?


Ugly Polly but with Beautiful Eyes

Polly, Polly please stand tall...
You are beautiful after all...

We are rich only through how we respect and what we give to others,
and poor only through how we scorn and what we refuse.

You have refused yourself for a long time now. Respect yourself, and in time other's will respect you. Respect your husband, and in time your husband will love you and stare once more into those beautiful eyes. He's a good man and you are a good woman. But, you lost each other somewhere along the way. You both let each other go, and both of you are stuck, in what's called the 'crazy cycle'. It's time for one of you to get off the bike, and find your spouse again. Don't give up.


Your Mirror

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  1. your body is the temple where the Holly Spirit resides,i wish our parents would teach us that, we wouldn't grow up so shallow,we would love and respect our selfs more,young people would not have the attitude"is just sex" we would see God's perfection in all of us,and we would love one another the way HE loves us.

    1. So true... this is why I write Polly's story. We need to lift one and other up and remind each other how much God loves us.