Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Disgusted by what I see

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
... I have big breasts, and that is all...

Here I stand before you naked. I hate my body. But I look anyways, disgusted by what I see. My husband thinks I need to get a breast reduction. I was washing the spaghetti pan and it grazed against my white shirt as I washed it. It left a tomato stain along my left breast. He questioned it.
"I guess they're just too big." I replied.
"Then you should get a breast reduction." Why would he say something like that if he found me beautiful? I'm only a 'C' cup. It's in times like these where I wish I could die. It should be me with breast cancer, not my sister.
At least he and I have something in common. We are both disgusted by what we see.


Ugly Polly with the big knockers

Polly, Polly please stand tall...
You have healthy breasts, and that is all...

You're the one who told your husband they were too big. He was just following your lead. Respect yourself and in time he will respect you too. You need to like you, before other people will. In the mean-time take the focus off of you and see what you can do to help your sister.


Your mirror

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